About Shepherd Boy Farms

Our Story

Hey there. I’m Ashton, also known as “the shepherd boy.”

My father is a businessman who encouraged me to follow my dreams, and my great-grandfather was a farmer. My family often visited his farm when I was younger, where we shared a lot of fond memories and experiences together. There’s something so refreshing and enjoyable about being outdoors, performing manual labor, tending to livestock and watching them thrive.

Those experiences started the dream that would eventually grow into the land where Shepherd Boy Farms began.

Ashton Hood - Shepherd Boy Farms
Shepherd Boy Farms Land

Our Farm

Our animals are grass fed and pasture-raised on our Indiana farm—a thriving and relaxed outdoor environment that is not tainted with herbicides or pesticides. Our farming employs productive, diverse, sustainable practices that are geared toward the preservation of our land and natural resources.

We are a family owned and operated small company that offers high-end, all-natural pet food and treats. We bring the farm element into everything we do focuses on the nutrition, safety and value of our products. When you buy freeze-dried pet treats from Shepherd Boy Farms, you can rest assured you're getting a product that's healthy, local, and fresh.